Q3 2021

Quarterly Update

What to expect

Each quarter we will endeavour to share the latest news and successes from within the business.


This includes an update on external communications and announcements in the press. The latest news on current projects and live products. And we will share insights from across the industry to help keep you in the know.


This quarter we cover: 


  • New enhancements to B3i Re
  • Launch of Eurapco Unity
  • DLT-based solution for Inter-Pool risk transfer
  • Use cases for climate risk modelling
  • An overview of our upcoming MGA data protocol
  • Latest market insights


Product Launches and Announcements

In the third quarter of 2021, the B3i team have been busy working with customers to launch the latest version of B3i Re, announcing an exciting new deal with six nuclear pools and working with our partners.

The latest version of B3i Re introduced Facultative Reinsurance Placement to the application. Building on existing functionality, the team has worked hard to capture customer feedback whilst expanding into new areas.

In September, B3i were delighted to announce they had been selected to develop a Distributed Ledger-based solution for the management of inter-pool reinsurance contracts. The project covers six nuclear pools from across Western Europe including: France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, UK and the Nordics (Sweden and Finland).

In this quarterly update, you will find out more on other projects including Eurapco Unity (Eurapco: Strategic alliance of eight primarily mutual insurance companies), and upcoming projects focused on Climate Risk and the Managing General Agents market.

  • Latest release of B3i Reinsurance (version 2.3) is available to customers.
  • DLT solution rolled out to support Nuclear Pools industry.
  • ClaimShare are the latest application to be welcomed to B3i Fluidity®
  • B3i’s breadth of offerings now includes commercial insurance products.

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Q3 2021 Quarterly Update

Latest Media Resources

Insights from the B3i Team to hear what’s coming in version 2.2 of B3i Re.


We talked to Product Owner, Ariz Tzakas, to hear what his team are bringing to the next version of B3i Re, including:


  • Quota Share Treaties
  • Integration with Existing Admin Systems
  • Even Better Claims & Technical Accounting

B3i at CordaCon


Multi-national Insurance Spotlight: Putting a Premium on Real-time Payments


Speakers (Clockwise):

  • Victor Boardman (R3)
  • Antonio Di Marzo (B3i)
  • Muneeb Shah (R3)
  • Robert Corzier (Allianz)

Seamless Integration – Webinar


This webinar included:


An overview of the latest developments from B3i CEO John Carolin


Product update (B3i Reinsurance v2.1) with Head of Products Antonio Di Marzo


Live demonstration: You will see how simple it is to use the B3i Re application with Ritablock to integrate your existing reinsurance administration systems. The live demo will be executed with ProRis blue, SAP-FS RI and SICS.

New Application on B3i Fluidity®


ClaimShare are the latest application to be welcomed to B3i Fluidity® (B3i’s insurance platform used to build and distribute interoperable applications on the B3i business network).


Find out directly from the team at Claimshare how using confidential computing hardware, they are able to detect new types of fraud — such as double-dipping.

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Q3 2021 Quarterly Update