Whitepaper: Legally Binding Contracts on DLT

B3i is delighted to introduce the second in a series of whitepapers, this time with a focus on concluding legally binding contracts on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) for reinsurance.


What’s Included?

In this whitepaper, you will discover:

  • How B3i is transforming the execution of trusted and legally binding reinsurance transactions
  • How to ensure that legally bound contracts on ledger are useful to the market by understanding how they are used in practice today
  • B3i Re’s pragmatic approach to legally bound contracts on ledger without negatively affecting the customer experience


Questions Answered

  • How do we start to move away from paper-based contracts with zero automation to fully digitised and smart legally binding contracts?
  • What are the formal requirements for legally binding reinsurance contracts in general?
  • What is the value of using electronic signatures?
  • Is this legally and technically possible?


Discover how the team at B3i have worked with their customers to tackle the challenges, whilst taking into account today’s practices, to take advantage of the benefits a DLT solution can offer.


Access the Whitepaper

Click here to download the whitepaper.