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Realising business value in insurance using blockchain with TCS

On the 23rd March 2022, Tata Consulting Services (TCS) and B3i ran a joint online webinar with a panel of industry experts, to discover how to realise the business value in insurance using blockchain.

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Realising business value in insurance using blockchain 

Globally, insurers are leveraging technology to improve business agility, efficiency, and customer experience through digital business transformation.

Blockchain/DLT platforms and applications offer the insurers an opportunity to digitally transform multi-party processes across various business lines to generate unprecedented agility, efficiency, and customer experiences, while enabling ecosystem services that generate value for customers and (re)insurers.

These platforms and applications have gone live successfully with multiple customers around the world and are now ready for widespread adoption.

 Adoption of blockchain applications in insurance 

Whilst technology is at a stage where wide-scale deployment can be securely enabled, industry-wide large-scale implementations are slow to take off. It is imperative for organizations to take a comprehensive strategic approach to deploy blockchain innovations.

In this virtual session, leading blockchain executives and Insurers will share their experiences, challenges and address the adoption of blockchain-based solutions within their organization. Join TCS and B3i to see the possibilities and opportunities available to brokers insurers for large-scale implementation and discuss constraints holding brokers and insurers back.

Panel of Industry Experts

🎙️ Magdalena Ramada Sarasola, PhD (WTW)
🎙️ Bob Crozier (Allianz)
🎙️ Caj Weckström (Nordic Nuclear Insurers)
🎙️ Pratap Tambe (Tata Consultancy Services)
🎙️ John Carolin (B3i)


Generating Value Whitepaper

Digital processes have become the norm in Reinsurance over the last few years. But are we leveraging the technology to its full potential?

In B3i’s whitepaper, you will discover:

  • How to create value across the End-to-End Reinsurance value chain
  • Trusted data and providing contract certainty
  • Improving the customer experience


Download B3i’s whitepaper to find out more: How B3i Re Creates Business Value Within Reinsurance Contract Administration