Listening to our Customers

The next version of B3i Re (v3.0), B3i’s solution to better reinsurance administration, is due for release in the coming weeks. Ahead of this B3i Re Product Owner, Nazgol McGhee, gives us an update on latest activity and progress towards our most complete solution for placing reinsurance contracts and leveraging automation across the entire process.


Working with our Customers

Customer feedback is one of the most important aspects prior to any release.

In the past few weeks, we have been releasing features to our test environments. Customers have been invited to test new features and share their honest feedback with the team.

That feedback has been incorporated into the development team’s workflow to further develop and improve the user experience. As part of this latest release, customers are then asked to re-test allowing B3i Re to be built in an agile way. This means that improvements can be made throughout release cycles rather than after the new release goes into live production.


We are Listening

As a result of customer feedback in this cycle, customers were looking for ways to summarise and have an overview of important information. Following discussions with customers we identified a need for an overview of the whole Reinsurance panel for a Program or Treaty to be added.

To achieve this, we created the off-ledger contract option, which allows the user to add a private contract for their own records. The user gets the option of adding the reinsurer name and their share in the private contract. This will then appear in the Overview tab, along with all the bound contracts on-ledger.

The private off-ledger contract represents a reinsurer outside the application but appears in the ‘Share Overview’ screen so that the cedant or broker can see the full panel of participants and their shares.


Setting the Scene for a Seamless Log-in

Simple and secure login is quickly becoming the standard across all technologies. To ensure a familiar and best-in-class solution, we have introduced Microsoft Azure’s Identity Manager to the latest version of B3i Re.

Crucially for customers, this solution is the first step that will allow us to enable single sign on (SSO) using their existing company login information, should our customer wish to integrate their own Identity provider solution.

We recognise that smart and straightforward solutions are appreciated by both the B3i team and our customers alike. The team continues to work closely with our customers to deliver the best experience in reinsurance administration using B3i Re.


List of Enhancements

Improvements on Treaty and Facultative 

  • Supporting more parameters within the Facultative smart contract structure such as a comprehensive share participation overview and a flexible Reinsurance deductions feature.
  • Enabling off-ledger contract placeholders for reinsurers outside of the application so that users can get an overview of the full Reinsurance participation on a Program or Treaty.
  • User Experience improvements and User Interface enhancements based on Customer Feedback.


Digital Contract and an Enhanced Wording Manager

  • Ability to create a digital contract that is prose driven.
  • An enhanced wording manager has been added to all contract types to help enable the natural language and not only rely on the parameters, while still being able to inject parameters into the wording area and leverage the smart contract which automates post-placement activities.


View the full Customer Update (PDF)