Q1 2022

Quarterly Update

What to expect

Each quarter we will endeavour to share the latest news and successes from within the business.


This includes an update on external communications and announcements in the press. The latest news on current projects and live products. And we will share insights from across the industry to help keep you in the know.


In this quarter:


John Carolin and Antonio Di Marzo join the India Insurtech Association to take part in their ‘Deep Tech in Insurance’ webinar series.


Experts from across the market join John Carolin at TCS’s webinar ‘Realising business value in insurance using blockchain‘. Attendees heard from B3i customers and market experts discussing the value enterprise grade blockchain can deliver. 


Riskstream and B3i announce a new collaboration to explore Parametric Homeowners Insurance. 

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Q1 2022 Quarterly Update

Latest Media Resources

Webinar: Blockchain in Insurance with the India Insurtech Association


Learn about B3i’s work in building an eco-system for blockchain in insurance.


Understand how to implement blockchain within your organisation from a technical standpoint.


Develop knowledge of technical topics such as node setup, application deployment, user onboarding, and more.


Learn about use cases for blockchain in insurance.

John Carolin shares his thoughts on what role does the regulator play in the context of blockchain.

“…the beauty of brainstorming in these areas is that it’s actually a green field and there are opportunities.”

Find out how B3i worked with their customer Eurapco to use technology to comply with anti-competition laws.

Business Value Insurance Blockchain

On the 23rd March 2022, Tata Consulting Services (TCS) and B3i ran a joint online webinar with a panel of industry experts, to discover how to realise the business value in insurance using blockchain.


To re-watch the session click here.


We hear from Caj Weckström on how this technology is being used by him and his colleagues to improve the way they’re doing business.


Magda Sarasola discusses how we go from language in a contract to consistent and incorruptible code on distributed ledger.

Bob Crozier explains how blockchain in insurance is being scaled and what are the benefits for the industry.



RiskStream Collaborative Collaborates with B3i in a Lab Series to Explore Parametric Homeowners Re(Insurance)


The Institutes RiskStream Collaborative™ announced that it will work jointly with B3i Services AG in an open industry-wide Lab series.


TCS Summit 2022

“If the whole world consumed like the West consumes, we would need four planets to feed the planet to provide resources.”

John Carolin, CEO of B3i, highlights the importance of building a social and sustainable enterprise.

Market Insights

Insights from across the Insurance, Reinsurance and Tech world. 


B3i’s Market Insights team highlights key trends and news you should know. Collated for you by experts. 


Find out more about these insights in this Quarterly Update.

Open insurance is a fundamental building block which enables the sharing and consuming of data across multiple industries, by means of openly consumable and externally accessible API’s Source

Simon Torrance estimated that the embedded insurance market could be worth $722billion by 2030 Source. Traditionally, a customer would go to an Insurance company to buy Insurance. Now Technology enables 3rd party companies to digitally embed insurance into their product or service.

No-Code/Low-Code is a software development process that requires no or minimal coding to create application logic and platforms, allowing users to use templates and drag/drop functions instead of writing new code from scratch.

Physical evidence of an items ownership or value may be forged, lost or stolen. A Blockchain based, forgery-proof digital certificate can now be provided to evidence an items authenticity.

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Q1 2022 Quarterly Update