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B3i Fluidity® is an insurance platform that provides services and components that can be used to build and distribute interoperable applications on the B3i network.


Build, scale and distribute your applications making use of B3i’s interoperable components, across our network.


B3i Fluidity® is already driving change in industries across the world. 

Applications and Ecosystem

Market and company specific solutions solving real world problems.


B3i Fluidity®

An insurance industry DLT operating system that provides services and components for rapid development of interoperable applications by B3i and 3rd parties.


Our in-house Distributed Ledger Technology based network infrastructure (nodes).

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Getting started with fluidity

Our platform accelerates the delivery of new applications by reusing core components, and enables native interoperability through our common insurance industry domain model. 

Build DLT-native and interoperable applications on B3i’s platform, for your customers, utilising our pre-built core components.

Use our business network to share your application and services with your customers. Connect with new Insurers, Brokers, Reinsurers and Third Parties via the network.

Take control and realise opportunities by solving problems in your industry by selling your solution to your customers.

Interoperability means that your application can be part of an ecosystem of collaborating applications that can share single sources of truth, without data translation and reducing inefficiencies that come with compensating controls such as reconciliations  between applications and processes.

Build on our platform

Join other application developers who have already begun to leverage the benefits of B3i Fluidity®.

Exchange accounting data within seconds.


Ritablock are experts of integration on Blockchain, enabling fast and automated exchange of technical accounting and claims data between insurers and reinsurers.

Solving duplicate payouts in the insurance industry.


Insurers pay out duplicate claims for the same loss event hundreds of times a day. Today, the ClaimShare platform can detect and prevent double-dipping across insurers without revealing any sensitive data.

Deployed Across Industries

Nuclear power plant with yellow field and big blue clouds.

Nuclear Pools

Our technology is supporting nuclear pools in Western Europe to implement a DLT-based solution for the management of inter-pool reinsurance contracts.

Aerial view of container cargo ship in sea.


Deployed a DLT solution for the maritime reinsurance industry with our customer EURAPCO.

Agricultural Pools

Working with a national pools syndicate to implement a DLT solution to manage inter-pool reinsurance contracts for an agricultural pool.


Enhancing and implementing DLT-based solutions within the African market (in collaboration with ARIBI).

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