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Insurance Industry Initiative

By the market, for the market.

Welcome to B3i - The Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative

B3i Services AG is a startup formed to explore the potential of using Distributed Ledger Technologies within the re/insurance industry for the benefit of all stakeholders in the value chain.

B3i provides insurance solutions on a blockchain platform offering opportunities for efficiency, growth and quality across the value chain to benefit all participants including end customers.

Following incorporation, B3i will grow its community of shareholders, partners and customers and create an ecosystem of products and services developed "by the market, for the market".

Logos of B3i founding shareholders
The founding shareholders of B3i

B3i - Rethinking Insurance

Learn more about B3i in this short video:

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Doing business in a Blockchain native world

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It’s been a very exciting couple of years for B3i, on a journey that started in the spring of 2016 at a round table event hosted by Allianz in Munich. At that first meeting I remember having a sense that there may be some real potential in Blockchain but also feeling rather cynical about it. While I can’t speak for the other people in attendance, I doubt anyone was absolutely certain about if and how this new technology would really impact our businesses. For sure we understood the mechanics of the technology, had observed the Bitcoin experiment and had listened to the rhetoric being pedalled by so many commentators, consultants and vendors, but no one was ready to bet the farm.

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Blockchain solutions “by the market, for the market”

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Media Release,

Following incorporation of B3i Services AG, the company has commenced structuring its 2nd funding round. B3i is a company which is at the cutting edge of delivering innovative blockchain technology for the re/insurance industry, which already has a strong network of members and excellent feedback on the first product. Please note that B3i's funding round is a private placement for institutional investors only. 

For more information, please contact us via

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B3i Reinsurance Use Case Story

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Blockchain for Insurance: Real-World Application (May 21-23, London).

The Proof Is In The Application

It is widely acknowledged that the best way for the insurance industry to learn about practical application of blockchain is to review proof of concepts and use cases in action. It’s time to move beyond the hype and see how the insurance value chain is genuinely unlocking efficiency savings and establishing new operating models.

At the Blockchain for Insurance: Real–World Application conference, we will be sharing the first-hand experiences of senior leaders who are implementing blockchain technology from across 10 use case stories.

In the run up to the conference, we’ve spoken with B3i and Generali to provide an exclusive preview of two of the use cases that will be explored in more detail and with live demonstrations.

Download the PDF to read more.

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