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About B3i

Our Vision: Better insurance enabled by frictionless risk transfer 

B3i Services AG was incorporated in 2018 and is 100% owned by 18 insurance market participants around the world.  Altogether, more than 40 companies are involved in B3i as shareholders, customers, and community members. 

Our vision is to see the insurance market deliver better solutions for end consumers through faster access to insurance with less administrative cost. 

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Organising B3i for success

Blog with John Carolin

In my role as CEO, this is my first in a series of blog posts to share my perspective on themes related to the work we do at B3i and the exciting journey we are on.

Cat XoL Product deployed to Customers’ Production environments

B3i announces the release and subsequent deployment of its latest Property Catastrophe Excess of Loss application to customers’ production environments ahead of year end renewals.

CPIC Invests in B3i as New Shareholder

New shareholder announced – China Pacific Insurance Company (Pacific Insurance) joins B3i.

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