The Blockchain
Insurance Industry Initiative

By the market, for the market.

Welcome to B3i - The Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative

B3i Services AG is a startup formed to explore the potential of using Distributed Ledger Technologies within the re/insurance industry for the benefit of all stakeholders in the value chain.

B3i provides insurance solutions on a blockchain platform offering opportunities for efficiency, growth and quality across the value chain to benefit all participants including end customers.

Following incorporation, B3i will grow its community of shareholders, partners and customers and create an ecosystem of products and services developed "by the market, for the market".

Logos of B3i founding shareholders
The founding shareholders of B3i

The B3i Way

With a personal touch, Paul Meeusen, CEO, explains the background to B3i and how it plans to make insurance more relevant, accessible and affordable for the market.

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A Software Developer's Perspective on Blockchain, B3i and Insurance

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“The technical voice was heard and always present. And this, I think, gave B3i a big advantage in comparison to other initiatives.”

As part of a series of interviews with employees and members of B3i, Ken Marke spoke to Philipp Tölle, Expert Application Engineer, shared his personal views on what differentiates B3i from other initiatives and how Blockchain implementation in the Insurance industry will have a social impact especially in emerging markets.

Quite often we get caught up in industry jargon, flattered by statistics and emboldened by proclamations that technology will change the Insurance industry but, we forget that this change is driven by people – people such as Philipp.

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