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Welcome to B3i - The Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative

B3i is dedicated to developing trading platforms across the whole insurance value chain using Blockchain based technologies.

B3i solutions will deliver material efficiency improvements in transacting re/insurance.

As a platform, Blockchain provides the means to do this and ultimately, benefit all participants including end customers.

Our B3i community is open and growing. Contact us to find out how you can get involved and benefit from this innovation.

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B3i - Rethinking Insurance

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Latest News

Blockchain - a "Fosbury Flop" for the Insurance Industry?

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Jags Rao, from Swiss Re explores how a maverick mentality can turn the tables on tradition and have a global impact.

In 1968, Richard Fosbury broke the world record for the high jump with a technique he adopted which is know universally know as the "Fosbury Flop". He broke convention with his unique style challenging the status quo.

Much like the Fosbury Flop, blockchain technology is challenging the status quo in financial transactions. Could it do the same for insurance?

Jags Rao thinks so and so does B3i. Read the full article published in Open Government Access here.

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City A.M. - The insurance industry needs to embrace blockchain, starting now

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City A.M recently published a thought provoking article suggesting that the insurance industry is about to be hit by a tsunami: blockchain technology.

"Blockchain and smart contracts could improve sector efficiency by up to 30 per cent, according to blockchain insurance industry initiative B3i. Blockchain will make the cost of reinsurance processes and claims cheaper."

The author, Bundeep Singh Rangar, comments that "We ignore the challenge at our peril: if incumbents don't step up, new entrants will."

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Distributed access to insurance

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A year ago I shared my initial thoughts around our first blockchain efforts for insurance. Our work at Swiss Re and the blockchain insurance industry initiative (B3i) had just started. I am often asked whether it turned out as expected, so I will try to describe my main takeaways.


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