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About B3i

Our Vision: Better insurance enabled by frictionless risk transfer 

B3i Services AG was incorporated in 2018 and is 100% owned by 20 insurance market participants around the world.  Altogether, more than 40 companies are involved in B3i as shareholders, customers, and community members. 

Our vision is to see the insurance market deliver better solutions for end consumers through faster access to insurance with less administrative cost. 

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Ritablock becomes the first live partner application on B3i Fluidity platform

B3i Services AG has partnered with Ritablock Gmbh (Reinsurance Technical Accounting Blockchain) to launch the first live partner application on the B3i Fluidity platform.

B3i Corda Challenge 2020

For the second year in a row, B3i are proud to sponsor R3’s Insurtech Corda Challenge. The challenge welcomes startups from across the globe to compete and solve pain points in the insurance industry using the Corda blockchain platform. 

Blockchain Toolkit

Titled the Redesigning Trust toolkit, the World Economic Forum has designed a guide to help you and your organisation through the development and deployment of a new blockchain solution.  

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