Smarter MGA
Data Workflow

A new seamless solution for Carriers and Coverholders


We’re building a MGA Data Protocol that enables the seamless connection of end-to-end processes.


The protocol augments existing IT landscapes by providing interoperable distribution of trusted data and scalable network connectivity.


Enabling smart portfolio automation and growth, the protocol aims to be the digital infrastructure for the MGA market.

By the market for the market

We want you to be a part of the process.


By working together, we can build the solution the market needs within an agile methodology.


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Today's Challenge

In the MGA market today, there is a lack of adopted standards and practices for reporting of Coverholder (MGA) data to Carrier systems.


Email-driven information exchange is asynchronous & unstructured and the benefits from outsourcing solutions have stagnated.


This results in poor data quality for all parties involved, which restricts opportunities to scale and grow. 

High degrees of manual intervention across the market means time is spent on unnecessary tasks which don't add-value to the process.

Carriers and coverholders use different systems which means data has to be entered each time and to different standards. 

Transforming unstructured data into useful and structured data is a recurring and time-consuming exercise. 

This is a frustrating and accepted part of doing business. It should be easier to integrate multiple systems and have a clear view of your data. 

Often an expensive part of the process is reconciliation and the inevitable re-entry of data. 


Three Pillars

To support this product vision, we have outlined three pillars (Data Exchange, Business Network and Portfolio Automation) which will help construct a customer centric product.


Carriers and Coverholders can benefit from the seamless connection of end-to-end processes across a network.



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