An Interview with... Nico Schwarz

B3i is a growing business, and has been growing ever since its incorporation earlier this year.

The company recently welcomed newly graduated intern, Nicolas Schwarz, to the business. No stranger to the world of Insurance and Blockchain, Nico shares some insights into his first two weeks in the role.

B3i CMO, Ken Marke, sits down with Nico to hear his thoughts.

Listen to the full interview here:


Nico, tell me a little bit about yourself and what you've been doing so far.

Okay. And it's a bit interesting, I don't come from a technical background. I come from the University of Zurich, I studied banking finance there, did my major in Banking finance, minor in business administration.

I just finished my bachelors and now I started working at B3i as an intern as the assistant of John Carolin, B3i's CFO.

My past work experience was in asset management, investment consulting, so this is definitely an entirely new experience for me working at a technology startup like B3i. Insurance was also extremely new for me, and interesting, and exciting.

Why was B3i of interest to you?

That's also an interesting story.

I actually met with Zurich Insurance a few months back, then I got to meet a person from HR there. I was redirected to Alessandro Spadoni, who is now Chief Architect at B3i. Then I started writing my thesis in co-operation with him, in co-operation with B3i and Zurich Insurance.

That's how I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be part of B3i. I wrote my thesis on Blockchain in the Insurance industry, and then Alessandro thought, why not also have me have work here for John. I met John, interviewed him for my thesis, and this is how I slid into this whole experience and became a part of the B3i journey.

The inputs to your thesis from Alessandro must have been valuable. Skeptically, who really wrote the thesis? Was it you or Alessandro?

It was definitely me, definitely me.

Spent many, many hours writing the thesis. Alessandro gave me many valuable inputs, we talked for let's say, over 10 hours I would say, over the past six months. And he gave me insightful documents as well, but in the end, I did the work, I wrote it. Not that he thinks he wrote it for me.

It's only the second week, but how has the experience been so far?

It's been tough, it's been fun, it's been exciting and interesting.

Like I said before, I met many new people, I have a lot of responsibility that I can take on, compared to my past jobs where it was more doing what the boss tells you. Here, I look for my work.

I try to be proactive and I really try to make my mark on this startup, and actually, I can also have an influence and have an impact on where B3i goes, obviously on an extremely small scale. But it's been an extremely fun and exciting time for me. Even though it's only been two weeks, it feels like it's already been over three months.

Tell us something about yourself Nico, what do you do for fun?

Until now it sounds like I only work and enjoy working.

But obviously, one big hobby of mine is Thai boxing, so I like to do martial arts. I do boxing and Thai boxing. So that's probably a bit peculiar, especially that I'm a banking finance student and working in a tech startup or Insurance startup.



Nico’s comments reflect the sort of people that make up B3i. We are a growing and dynamic business operating in the global insurance market. We are at the forefront of bringing real innovation into the industry through blockchain solutions which we believe will transform the industry. 

Our vision is simply to make insurance more relevant, accessible and affordable. We want to work with determined and enthusiastic people who can share our vision join us on this journey of innovation.

Our mission is to:

  • Improve the way data, claims, capital, payments are disclosed, used, automated and managed
  • Focus on value adding client service, risk prevention and risk management
  • Make insurance risks more tradeable
  • Make insurance more affordable with an improved client experience

B3i’s purpose is to provide an ecosystem which provides efficiency improvement and cost saving opportunities as well as enabling profitable growth through innovation and new business opportunities. It will also facilitate increased quality and trust through common standards, data, resilience and strengthened security.

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