B3i Re v2.0 Launch Event with John Carolin

B3i Re v2.0 Launch Event with John Carolin

On the 14 September 2020, the groundbreaking B3i Reinsurance solution was launched, connecting you to the future.

B3i Re enables the creation of digital contracts, transacted and verified on a distributed ledger. Transforming Reinsurance to be more efficient, safer with high data quality for insurers and brokers alike.

What to expect

In this session you will hear from John Carolin (B3i CEO) and Antonio di Marzo (Head of Products) as they introduce our updated product, B3i Reinsurance. Originally recorded on Monday 14th September 2020 - 1300 to 1415 CET (1200 to 1315 BST).

You will have the opportunity to hear directly from B3i CEO, John Carolin, as he provides an overview of the business’ latest developments, direction of initiatives and what the future looks like in this exciting environment.

Head of Products, Antonio Di Marzo, will follow up with a comprehensive look at what the B3i Reinsurance solution has to offer our customers and the market.


Watch Again

The webinar is available to watch in its entirety below.



Slide Deck

Please find linked here the full slide deck used during the session.



The agenda below provides further details of what you can expect from this session:

  • Welcome and vision with John Carolin (CEO)
  • Latest developments at B3i
  • Where are we heading?
  • Introduction to B3i Re (v2.0) with Antonio Di Marzo (Head of Products)
  • What’s new? (functions & features)
  • What does this mean for the industry?
  • Q&A session


Get in touch

We were able to cover many of the questions asked at the end of the session, but if you want to follow up with anyone from the team please email us here.


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