B3i Re v2.0 Product Deep Dive

B3i Re v2.0 Product Deep Dive

Join our Products team as they share insights on the latest features and functionality of B3i Re 2.0. Antonio Di Marzo (Head of Products) and Aris Tzakas (Product Owner) go under the hood of B3i's latest product release and showcase a live demo of the product.


Live Demonstration

The team will demonstrate the following actions live of the B3i Re v2.0 product:

  • Treaty Creation
  • Cedent Broker Engagement
  • Quotation and Negotiation
  • Binding and Technical Accounting


Watch Again

The webinar is available to watch in its entirety below.



Slide Deck

Please find linked here the full slide deck used during the session.


Get in touch

We were able to cover many of the questions asked at the end of the session, but if you want to follow up with anyone from the team please email us here.


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