One Year On - with Gerhard Lohmann

In September 2018, B3i were back in Monte Carlo to share several announcements to the market. At the last event, B3i presented our first use case to an audience and invited several companies to be a part of our Early Movers Programme and begin testing the Catastrophe Excess of Loss (Cat XoL) use case.


Since the announcements in Monte Carlo last year, B3i has:

  • Incorporated as a business (B3i Services AG)
  • Tested our first product with our Early Movers Programme
  • Launched our Cat XoL product
  • Moved to the R3 Corda blockchain platform
  • Announced our roadmap for Commercial Insurance
  • Soft launch of The B3i Community


Speaking of the developments over the last year, B3i Chairman, Gerhard Lohmann said:


"Now going forward we're going to develop B3i Services into all the categories of risk. One of the next things is going to be Commercial Insurance, and you're going to see B3i offering all kinds of possibilities for risk transfer. So Cat XoL is the first step into a big market.”


Watch the full interview with B3i Chairman, Gerhard Lohmann, here.

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