World Economic Forum released its Blockchain Toolkit with tips, tricks, tools for responsible blockchain deployments.

Titled the Redesigning Trust toolkit, the World Economic Forum has designed a guide to help you and your organisation through the development and deployment of a new blockchain solution.  


What’s in the Toolkit? 

This toolkit provides tools, resources, and know-how to organisations undertaking blockchain projects, including:  

  • Insights from over 100 organisations 
  • Interactive tools and checklists 
  • Case studies from 40+ use cases 

Developed through lessons from and analysis of real projects, to help organisations embed best practices and avoid possible obstacles in deployment of distributed ledger technology.  

It is the culmination of more than a year of global collaboration by 100+ leaders and focused on supply chain and trade use cases. By bringing together competitors in those industries, this toolkit cuts through the hype around blockchain and helps newcomers navigate this promising technology. 

According to the World Economic Forum, the information in this toolkit is tailored to be useful throughout the lifecycle of any blockchain project. However, the document will have maximum value if used during the development and deployment stage. 


Blockchain is a Team Sport 

B3i Board Member and Head of Allianz Global Blockchain Centre of Competence, Bob Crozier, has over the past year worked with the World Economic Forum alongside 100+ organisations to create this toolkit and was quoted as saying:  

“Convince your organisation to accept a ‘shared endeavour’ mindset; Blockchain/DLT (distributed ledger technology) is a team sport! Be prepared to share development, share maintenance and share operations to truly take advantage of the network effects that will present themselves.  

Education of the decision-making organisational layers in the business as to the real value of DLT is key, thereby dispelling myths associated with the technology.” 


Why Blockchain Now? 

The World Economic Forum states that the case for blockchain is stronger as the COVID-19 pandemic underscores the need for more resilient global supply chains, trusted data and an economic recovery enabled through trade digitisation.  

However they acknowledge that blockchain may engender a fair share of puzzlement and anxiety among supply-chain leaders unfamiliar with it as a new and unfamiliar digitisation tool. 

This toolkit is designed to help with the deployment journey, whether your organisation is seeking to gain increased efficiency, greater trust with counterparties, or other potential benefits offered by blockchain technology.  

Your organisation can use the toolkit to support more responsible blockchain deployments, de-risk early adoption, and ensure careful consideration of unintended consequences. 


Access the Redesigning Trust toolkit here: 

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