Nuclear Pools select B3i

B3i Services AG appointed to develop Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)-based solution for the management of inter-pool reinsurance contracts

Webinar: Seamless Integration (22nd June 11am CEST)

Join the B3i team on Tuesday 22nd June at 10am BST / 11am CEST / 5pm CST / 5am EDT

Successful kick-off: re-inlab to explore  use cases for DLT innovation in insurance

Following the announcement of the msg and B3i partnership, the joint innovation laboratory re-inlab is taking shape. re-inlab accelerates the development of solutions for insurance use cases based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

CPIC Invests in B3i as New Shareholder

B3i announces first closing of its continuing Series B funding round and welcomes Türk Reasürans as new shareholder.

msg and B3i forge strategic partnership and open innovation laboratory

The partnership aims to accelerate the development of reinsurance solutions based on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT).

TCS and B3i Announce Partnership to shape the future of Insurance Industry

Tata Consultancy Services Partners with B3i in Scaling its Insurance Platform Fluidity®, to accelerate Delivery of Transformative Industry Solutions

B3i Re v2.0 Technical Deep Dive

Join Alessandro Spadoni (Chief Architect) and Stephen Houston (Head of Engineering) for an in-depth look at the technology behind it all.

Recorded 15th September 2020

B3i Re v2.0 Product Deep Dive

Join the Products team as they share insights on the latest features and functionality of B3i Re 2.0.

Recorded 15th September 2020

B3i Re v2.0 Broker Event

This was a further opportunity to dive into the detail for brokers. In this session you will hear from our Head of Products, Antonio Di Marzo and CEO John Carolin.

Recorded 14th September 2020

B3i Re v2.0 Launch Event with John Carolin

In this session you will hear from John Carolin (B3i CEO) and Antonio di Marzo (Head of Products) as they introduce our updated product, B3i Reinsurance.

Recorded 14th September 2020

Major enhancements to B3i’s reinsurance solution

The release follows a year of collaboration among dozens of insurers, brokers, and reinsurers and is a significant advancement in the end-to-end administration of reinsurance contracts on DLT.

Webinar: Reinsurance administration is broken

During this session you will have the opportunity to hear from Antonio who will explore the topic of Reinsurance administration within distributed ledgers (DLT/ Blockchain).

Recorded 2nd September 2020

Ritablock becomes the first live partner application on B3i Fluidity platform

B3i Services AG has partnered with Ritablock Gmbh (Reinsurance Technical Accounting Blockchain) to launch the first live partner application on the B3i Fluidity platform.

B3i Corda Challenge 2020

For the second year in a row, B3i are proud to sponsor R3’s Insurtech Corda Challenge. The challenge welcomes startups from across the globe to compete and solve pain points in the insurance industry using the Corda blockchain platform. 

Blockchain Toolkit

Titled the Redesigning Trust toolkit, the World Economic Forum has designed a guide to help you and your organisation through the development and deployment of a new blockchain solution.  

Major re/insurers and brokers complete complex placements on B3i’s blockchain platform

B3i has announced that 30 contracts of reinsurance have been concluded on its platform, including some of the world’s most complex Catastrophe Excess of Loss (XoL) reinsurance treaties.

Organising B3i for success

Blog with John Carolin

In my role as CEO, this is my first in a series of blog posts to share my perspective on themes related to the work we do at B3i and the exciting journey we are on.

Cat XoL Product deployed to Customers’ Production environments

B3i announces the release and subsequent deployment of its latest Property Catastrophe Excess of Loss application to customers’ production environments ahead of year end renewals.

CPIC Invests in B3i as New Shareholder

New shareholder announced – China Pacific Insurance Company (Pacific Insurance) joins B3i.


On the 19th and 20th June 2019, B3i welcomed testing groups from across the B3i community to join in their testing hackathon in Zurich, Switzerland.

John Carolin appointed CEO of B3i

Property Catastrophe Excess of Loss product is now live on the global Corda Network.

John Carolin appointed CEO of B3i

John Carolin has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of B3i Services AG (“B3i”).  John previously served as interim CEO since March 2019 after joining B3i as Chief Financial Officer in March 2018.

B3i Hackathon Successfully Tests Live Application

On the 19th and 20th June 2019, B3i welcomed testing groups from across the B3i community to join in their testing hackathon in Zurich, Switzerland.

B3i to Lead New ACORD Standards Project Group as Co-Chair

B3i is pleased to announce that the SBI Group has become the latest investor in the company further expanding the shareholder base to 17.

B3i Markus Tradt

B3i are delighted to announce Tradt’s appointment to the Board of Directors for the Corda Network Foundation. A separate legal entity responsible for the overall governing of Corda Network, comprising senior figures from across financial services and other businesses building on Corda.

B3i to Lead New ACORD Standards Project Group as Co-Chair

B3i, a leading insurance transaction platform developer, expands its community represented by more than 40 companies as customers, members and shareholders.

B3i to Lead New ACORD Standards Project Group as Co-Chair

Paul Meeusen recognised on ACORD's list of top ten InsurTech leaders in 2018 for truly driving meaningful global change.


Intelligent Insurer 

With its commercial initiative B3i is looking to create standards and a common terminology for all partners, and integrate all the information regarding the contract on one platform while automating functionalities of the contract.


Reinsurance News 

“It was the voice of the customer asking for Commercial Insurance, but it also made sense for us if you look at excess of loss contract in Reinsurance,” explained B3i Chief Executive Officer Paul Meeusen.

B3i and Commercial Insurance

Watch the latest update from the B3i Commercial Insurance team as they kick off their first Commercial Insurance workshop in Zürich.



B3i will be hosting its first Community Conference on the 14th and 15th November 2018 in Amsterdam.

Designed to bring together Blockchain and Insurance experts, the B3i Community Conference is packed full of expert speakers from across the industry, and an opportunity to dive into the detail with our series of Masterclasses.


“The technical voice was heard and always present. And this, I think, gave B3i a big advantage in comparison to other initiatives.”

As part of a series of interviews with employees and members of B3i, Ken Marke spoke to Philipp Tölle, Expert Application Engineer, shared his personal views on what differentiates B3i from other initiatives and how Blockchain implementation in the Insurance industry will have a social impact especially in emerging markets.

Quite often we get caught up in industry jargon, flattered by statistics and emboldened by proclamations that technology will change the Insurance industry but, we forget that this change is driven by people – people such as Philipp.


What's happened in the last year at B3i? From Prototype to Product.

We hear from people in attendance at the B3i Monte Carlo event as they discuss working with B3i and the great progress happening within the business itself.


Earlier in the year, B3i invited several industry partners to begin testing our Cat XoL ahead of the 1/1 renewals, this was our Early Mover Programme.

At the Monte Carlo event (September 2018), we caught up with several of the Early Mover's to hear their feedback on the programme and the Cat XoL programme.

Interview with Régis Delayat, CIO, SCOR (Monte Carlo 2018)

Régis discusses progress working with B3i as a part of the Early Mover Programme, industry momentum and looking ahead to an insurance world with Blockchain at its core.

Hear from B3i Chairman, Gerhard Lohmann, following the B3i Monte Carlo event. 

B3i CMO, Ken Marke sat down with Antonio Di Marzo to talk technical and Antonio's plans to begin building something exciting at B3i.

Hear from Antonio and Ken discuss re-engineering insurance, shifting expectations in the industry and Commercial insurance.

Watch the interview with B3i CEO, Paul Meeusen, as he discusses the upcoming announcements for the Monte Carlo event on the 10th September 2018.

This September, B3i will present back at Monte Carlo to deliver on promises, feed back to the industry, and discuss future plans.

Mark Simpson is an expert consultant working in the world of change, his field of expertise has rested on insurance, re-insurance, and in particular the people, process and technology interactions. 

Delivering Change in B3i

With such a paradigm shift, Blockchain technology is something that should not be looked at through the lens of “will it pay back this year”, rather taking a broader strategic view of ways to improve the customer and partner integration to grow and save, in ways that we haven’t yet thought of.  

Deloitte’s new global survey of more than 1,000 global blockchain-savvy executives from seven countries and nine industries is a leading indicator of where blockchain is headed.

For the world of insurance, the application of blockchain is a much more concrete notion and although most insurance companies are therefore interested in it, very few as yet fully understand and use blockchain. B3i CMO, Ken Marke lends his insights to a panel at the Instech summer conference. 

Blockchain technology is moving out of the lab and into the insurance business, writes Ken Marke with the Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative (B3i). Providing an overview of blockchain and its long-term benefits, Marke says that 2018 will be the year when the technology moves past the proof-of-concept phase into real-life applications—ultimately leading to an industry revolution.

Panel: Can Blockchain Reach its Full Potential Without Collaboration?


Ken Marke, Chief Marketing Officer at B3i, spoke at The Blockchain Summit - London on several panels.

Over the course of the panel, Ken responded to questions from host, Alan Pelz-Sharpe, and the audience on the topic of collaboration. Providing insights into the B3i consortium and collaboration between 15 insurance organisations.



Watch an in-depth discussion with a personal touch, Paul Meeusen, CEO, explains the background to B3i and how it plans to make insurance more relevant, accessible and affordable for the market.

Where Will Blockchain Have the Most Impact?

Panel: Where Will Blockchain Have the Most Impact?


B3i Chief Marketing Officer, Ken Marke, attended The Blockchain Summit - London, where he was invited to sit on a panel of experts from across several industries, including Banking, Insurance, Logistics and Travel.


As part of the panel discussion, Ken answered questions put to him by host Alan Pelz-Sharpe and members of the audience.


B3i, The Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative, has announced it will build its applications and business network on the Corda blockchain platform.

B3i Services AG completed a detailed review of the available open source blockchain technologies against the B3i enterprise platform strategy, focusing on critical success factors of data privacy, scalability, interoperability and developer productivity. Following extensive evaluation, B3i concluded that the Corda platform offers the best blockchain solution available, providing a solid foundation for B3i to efficiently deliver business value to its clients.

B3i is very pleased to announce that Susan Joseph has been appointed as its North America Representative. Susan will represent B3i at all levels, with emphasis on regulatory liaison, marketing, community building and promotional activities. This appointment takes place at a critical point in B3i’s development as it seeks investors for a second funding round and makes progress towards the launch of its first product, a Cat XoL contract, on its blockchain platform by the end of this year.

Susan is a JD/MBA and former General Counsel who has been consulting in blockchain for the past three years in the areas of consortia, insurance, identity, financial services, real estate, and humanitarian concerns.


It’s been a very exciting couple of years for B3i, on a journey that started in the spring of 2016 at a round table event hosted by Allianz in Munich. At that first meeting I remember having a sense that there may be some real potential in Blockchain but also feeling rather cynical about it. While I can’t speak for the other people in attendance, I doubt anyone was absolutely certain about if and how this new technology would really impact our businesses. For sure we understood the mechanics of the technology, had observed the Bitcoin experiment and had listened to the rhetoric being pedalled by so many commentators, consultants and vendors, but no one was ready to bet the farm.

Following incorporation of B3i Services AG, the company has commenced structuring its 2nd funding round. B3i is a company which is at the cutting edge of delivering innovative blockchain technology for the re/insurance industry, which already has a strong network of members and excellent feedback on the first product. Please note that B3i's funding round is a private placement for institutional investors only. 

For more information, please contact us via

Blockchain for Insurance: Real-World Application (May 21-23, London).

The Proof Is In The Application

It is widely acknowledged that the best way for the insurance industry to learn about practical application of blockchain is to review proof of concepts and use cases in action. It’s time to move beyond the hype and see how the insurance value chain is genuinely unlocking efficiency savings and establishing new operating models.

At the Blockchain for Insurance: Real–World Application conference, we will be sharing the first-hand experiences of senior leaders who are implementing blockchain technology from across 10 use case stories.

In the run up to the conference, we’ve spoken with B3i and Generali to provide an exclusive preview of two of the use cases that will be explored in more detail and with live demonstrations.

Download the PDF to read more.

Chris Madsen, CEO Aegon Blue Square Re writing for B3i

While (re)insurance has made great strides in process improvements over the past decades, many processes remain largely manual, frustrating and costing members of the insurance value chain. Now, imagine a world where data flows easily where it is supposed to go, and it does so in a controlled and secure manner, setting the stage for increasingly automated transactions and processing.

Further, consider that truly digitalising a process allows it to follow Moore’s Law and thus improve exponentially in terms of processing time and capabilities. Setting the stage for this is therefore a valuable and sustainable endeavour that could benefit insurance value chain members for years and decades to come.


Monday 26th March 2018

- Transition to independent legal entity significant milestone for B3i
- B3i Services AG to commercialise blockchain solutions for re/insurance
- First product demonstrated efficiency gains of up to 30% in initial testing

The Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative (B3i) is pleased to announce the incorporation of B3i Services AG in Zurich, Switzerland. The company was formed by the founders of B3i.

NEW YORK — The insurance industry may be better suited for blockchain than the financial services sector, which created its own solution, according to a panel discussion hosted Monday by the New York City Bar Association.


Jags Rao, from Swiss Re explores how a maverick mentality can turn the tables on tradition and have a global impact.

In 1968, Richard Fosbury broke the world record for the high jump with a technique he adopted which is know universally know as the "Fosbury Flop". He broke convention with his unique style challenging the status quo.

Much like the Fosbury Flop, blockchain technology is challenging the status quo in financial transactions. Could it do the same for insurance?

Jags Rao thinks so and so does B3i. Read the full article published in Open Government Access here.

City A.M recently published a thought provoking article suggesting that the insurance industry is about to be hit by a tsunami: blockchain technology.

"Blockchain and smart contracts could improve sector efficiency by up to 30 per cent, according to blockchain insurance industry initiative B3i. Blockchain will make the cost of reinsurance processes and claims cheaper."

The author, Bundeep Singh Rangar, comments that "We ignore the challenge at our peril: if incumbents don't step up, new entrants will."

Read more at:



A year ago I shared my initial thoughts around our first blockchain efforts for insurance. Our work at Swiss Re and the blockchain insurance industry initiative (B3i) had just started. I am often asked whether it turned out as expected, so I will try to describe my main takeaways.


B3i independent research provides encouraging support for a positive business case as it prepares to launch a legal entity.

Market analysis commissioned by B3i and conducted by Stern Stewart & Co during November 2017 with the 15 B3i members and 23 Market Testers produced positive results, which are considered both conservative and very material for the consortium. The survey had a 90% response rate and the results were aggregated and analysed independently by Stern Stewart in order to maintain confidentiality and credibility.

photo of audience at summit

The B3i Autumn Summit brought together 130 participants from 38 member companies to discuss developments, achievements and next steps.

The B3i Autumn Summit which was held in Munich on 15 & 16 November was organised to bring together member companies principally to share the results of the prototype market testing phase, discuss future use cases and receive information about the launch of the new legal entity and investment opportunities.

Special Leadership award at the ACORD 2017 conference

Monday 6th November 2017 – B3i is pleased to announce that it was presented with a Special Leadership award at the ACORD 2017 conference held in Boston, USA from 24-26 October.

Monday 2nd October 2017 – The Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative B3i announces the expansion of the group, with 23 new entrants joining its Market Testing program. This follows the successful launch of a working market testing prototype at the Monte Carlo RVS conference on 10th September, 2017.

An overview of B3i by Paul Meeusen, Head Distributed Ledger Technology , Swiss Re; presented at the B3i launch event at Monte Carlo on 10th September 2017

 In 1956 Malcolm McLean had a great idea. He ran a trucking company in the US and noticed that there were many inefficiencies in trade and transportation. Goods would be loaded on and off trucks, trains and ships multiple times on the journey to their final destination. Repackaging and reloading was required at every step of the journey. From this insight, the modern shipping container was born, reducing loading costs from 6 dollars to 16 cents per ton, a 36 fold saving that resulted in a huge increase in global trade.

On Sunday 10th September, B3i showcased a fully functional beta-version of its integrated blockchain solution for the re/insurance industry at the Monte Carlo RVS event. The launch of the prototype named Codex1, was very well attended and was warmly received by the market and press.

Summarised details of the event are shown below.

There is a real opportunity to improve reinsurance processes with the use of blockchain technology, which can deliver cost savings and efficiency gains of 30 percent by taking out unnecessary reconciliation, repetitive duplication of work and waiting times.

Read more at:

Monte Carlo, 10th September 2017 – B3i, the Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative, announces launch of  market beta-testing of its reinsurance blockchain prototype.

EY and Guardtime announce the world’s first blockchain platform for the marine insurance sector. The platform launches in collaboration with A.P. Møller-Maersk A/S, ACORD, Microsoft, MS Amlin, Willis Towers Watson and XL Catlin and after a 20-week proof of concept.

Read more at:

The Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative B3i will present its newly developed prototype smart contract management system at the 2017 Monte Carlo RVS conference.