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Nuclear Pools

B3i has been appointed by six nuclear pools in North-Western Europe to develop Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)-based solution for the management of inter-pool reinsurance contracts.


The pools benefit from an increase in contract certainty and process efficiency driven by a reduction in duplicative admin effort, as well as providing digital and real-time portfolio oversight.


The solution is also be designed to accelerate financial closing and a shared database will give the pools access to a high quality and structured dataset to improve risk analysis and audit/compliance performance.


“Their experts have patiently listened and worked with us during the procurement process and truly understand our requirements.


“Together with their analytical approach, we are confident that B3i will be able to design an innovative solution for us. Given its scalability, it could also be available to the 28 international pools that exist today and others that will form in future as the civil nuclear industry develops into new countries.”


Caj Weckström, the Pools’ Project Manager and Nordic Pool Manager

Why Our Technology
for Pools


Access to a high quality and structured dataset that will improve risk analysis and audit / compliance performance.

Process Efficiency

Driven by a reduction in the administrative effort of placement, binding, accounting and reporting activities.

Accelerate Financial Closing

Substantially reduce the effort and errors associated with data transfer, manipulation and reconciliation.


Removing Barriers

The future of reinsurance pools is digital. We’re providing pools access to the right technology and solutions to execute their digital strategies. 


These are some of the problems we are overcoming:

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